DoMiSo Pianos Mat
Sounding out sounds of any musical instrument + auto-intelli-teach playing

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多米索 弹琴毯 智能教琴 弹唱教学系统 Kn 多米索 集团 李宋 博士后 发明的 多米索交响乐器 电视钢琴 智能教琴电脑 智能钢琴 智慧钢琴 弹交响乐 液晶显示屏钢琴 智能钢琴大屏幕 智能钢琴跟弹软件 带大屏幕的钢琴 自带特效屏幕的钢琴 带显示屏的钢琴 带电子屏幕的钢琴 有电子屏幕的钢琴 多米索智能钢琴哪里买 (DoMiSo Symphony Instruments & Intelligent Piano & TV Piano & Smart Piano & Large LED Screen Piano & Symphony-Teaching Computer & Games Teach Playing Pianos/Drums/Symphony) | 弹出来的幸福®玩出来的幸福®成就千家万户的音乐梦想® Play Happiness ® Realize Everyone's Music Dreams ® | 音乐革命 Music Revolution) 一指弹® (1FingerPlay) 一个人就是交响乐团 (ONE'S PHILHARMONIC) Pianos&Drums-Style DoMiSo


多米索 软件教你 弹琴打鼓 弹交响乐!多米索发明人:李宋 博士后。DoMiSo Software Teaches Playing Pianos&Drums&Symphony; DoMiSo Inventor: Dr. LI Song


NOTES: This product is mainly DoMiSo Symphony Software in USB-Disk shield. The software will be freely updated almost every season. The mat hardware in this product is a gift without warranty and no selling separately. Return of the product is NOT supported after sale. The functions of the mat hardware can be replaced by any computer keyboard, electrical piano, electrical pipe and so on.


1. Mainly used for schoolchildren to learn playing the piano and drums ably at once; wireless connection with any computer, so that schools can easily use it to build “DoMiSo Intelligent Music Classroom”;

2. Also available for adults to learn playing the piano, singing songs and drums ably at once, which is a fashion life style..


1. Playing songs and drums ably at once: In this fast-paced era, DoMiSo saves twice time of parents and children, and also saves costs for learning playing songs and drums; Develop musical interests, and do good jobs in mass music education;

2. Sound out the sounds of 190 musical instruments, play symphony, and build groups to play together;

3. Ably at once playing all the songs of primary schools (search “xxyy” (xiao xue yin yue, in Chinese)), and thousands of songs in Chinese and other languages ( more than 10 thousands of songs inside DoMiSo Symphony Software, which updates functions and songs every season freely);

4. Multiple intelligent teaching modes for left hand, right hand, both hands and multiple hands: demo modes, teaching modes, game modes;

5. Demo modes: Options are available to highlight main melody for viewing and listening together. Waterfall scores show musical notes and their words together: color blocks move to the right key of the software piano window for users to view and listen how high the musical notes sound (this is musical pitch, with which users view and listen the standard height to sing at once to solve the problem out of tune), and the length of color blocks means the note time (this is musical rhythm, with which users view and listen the standard length to sing at once to solve the problem out of rhythm);

6. Teaching modes: according the first color block arriving at the top of the software piano window, press the corresponding numbers on DoMiSo Pianos Mat. The software will wait users to succeed in pressing the right keys; the musical speed, key, octave, program(different musical tones or instruments) are optional and thousands of musical functions in DoMiSo are also optional;

7. Game modes: when the screen video does not need to wait users to play some song, users can use game modes to verify the proficient level of this song, where DoMiSo scores the play level in time using 100 scores for each song. Thus, DoMiSo makes users happy and interested in music, and these game modes make users gain achievability in learning music;

8. If users have the resources of schoolmasters or directors of education, they can only spend tens of thousands of Chinese dollars to build a DoMiSo Intelligent Music Classroom. One month later, all pupils have learned how to use DoMiSo and experienced the advantages, so that they will go to the shop at the door of the schools to buy DoMiSo each for one;

9. Tens of drum games are designed in DoMiSo Symphony Software to users to learn how to play common rhythms. When users master these rhythms on DoMiSo, they can also easily transfer to any other traditional drums to play, because DoMiSo drums have the same arrangement as traditional drums;

10. Music gifts: present playing the piano, present cultures, present happiness.

Hints for Buying DoMiSo_Kn 2.4G-Wireless Link to WindowsPC or DoMiSo_Q10; Build Intelli-Music-Classroom Teaching Students to Buy Each
Product Elements Included A set of DoMiSo PianosMat Kn includes: 1 DoMiSo Symphony Instruments (hardware); 1 DoMiSo Symphony Software (USB-Disk) (software with 189 music instruments inside to be combined or overlaid freely); 1 Package; More than 10 thousand of music scores, "DoMiSo Symphony Music Score .DMS" (games teach playing pianos & drums); Kn Hardware is more like wireless PC keyboard (2.4G-WiFi); 2 AAA batteries afford enough power for several months, and any other power type is unnecessary; factory does NOT put any AAA battery inside which can be bought from universal market; DoMiSo is a precise method and intelligent symphony instrument for really realizing Orff Music Theory Pedagogy
Number of Keys >67 Keys (36 black-white piano keys + 15 drum keys + 16 function keys); flat keys; Piano&Drums in 1; 2.4G wireless communication; DoMiSo Symphony Software supports Windows (Wireless connect with any Windows computer to play pianos&drums&symphony); Flat music instruments unique in the world
LinkWithAnyMusicalInstrument DoMiSoKn: Start DoMiSoSymphonySoftware in computer, and then plug the DoMiSo wireless USB head (2.4G WiFi) into any USB of computer; put 2 AAA batteries into the battery box of DoMiSoKn and open the switch to see the red light of the switch, thus DoMiSoKn will connect with DoMiSoSymphonySoftware;

How to link with any MIDI musical instrument: Start DoMiSoSymphonySoftware in computer, and then plug MIDI IN head of the MIDI line into the MIDI OUT mouth of the MIDI musical instrument, and plug the USB head of the MIDI line into any USB of computer, thus done;

How to link with traditional musical instrument of non-electronics: put DoMiSo wireless information sender near the musical instrument, and plug DoMiSo wireless information receiver into the sound-in mouth of computer, and then start DoMiSoSymphonySoftware in computer, thus traditional musical instruments of non-electronics are changed to the same fuctions of electronics
Main Materials Cloth & Rubber & Plastics
[NOTES]The wireless info-receiver USB head is encoded to its unique info-sender in product hardware, so that if lost, an entire set of the product should be bought to replace.
Size & Net Weight Product without package: Length*Width*Height*Weight=527mm*260mm*3mm*300g;

Product with package: Length*Width*Height*Weight=580mm*300mm*60mm*1400g

Size Per Big Box 10 pieces per big package box with Length*Width*Height*Weight = 570mm*450mm*305mm*15kg; ReadMeBeforeUsingDoMiSo >>
Quality Assurance "DoMiSo Symphony Software" updates almost every season including functions and music. 1 year free QA warranty for hardware; Many years' usages in good protection. QA and Other Detailed Info Is Here >>

InstallationVideo >>



The Screen Size of 21-27 Inches Can Match Piano Keys (any screen size is also available for playing according to numbers)


The Software PianoKeys Height Can Be Ajusted or Hidden (any screen size is also available for playing according to numbers)



Dr. LISong (DoMiSo Inventor) Is Playing DoMiSo Kn


The Opened Status of One Big Package Box of 10 DoMiSo Kn
10 pieces per big package box with Length*Width*Height*Weight=570mm*450mm*305mm*15kg

The Closed Status of One Big Package Box of 10 DoMiSo Kn